Effective Social Media Tools for Your Real Estate Business

Effective Social Media Tools for Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate Social Media Marketing is still a big problem for the majority of the realtors. Why do we need to spend time promoting my business here?

Let us put it in a simple concept – so, instead of having BBQ parties, inviting 30 of your clients, friends, and families to network and tell them, “don’t forget to refer business to me… and I got this great new listing… “Annoying, but you got to be whatever it takes to get some leads, right? So, with social networking for real estate, you would network through a social media platform to efficiently announce your real estate business, post your new listings, reduced price listings, post educative real estate information, and establish your real estate specialist authority.

So then, your posts will be viewable by your colleagues, your friends, family members, and their connections. We are talking about hundreds and potentially thousands of people in the network. And making connections are just as simple “what is your Facebook account?”

Anyways, I encourage you to take advantage of the power of social networking for your real estate business. The following are some great social media tools to enhance your real estate business. Check it out now!


Klout is the ultimate social media scorecard, and the online community has already been abuzz about it. It ranks your influence online through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and gives you a detailed breakdown of your presence there. Once you enter your information, Klout will provide you with a score. It will tell you who you are influenced by and who you influence online by showing you how many people comment on your posts, follow you, retweet your content, etc.

It is a great tool to see just how effective you are with your social media efforts. It even tells you what categories your information falls into.


The SocialBios allows you to upload your photo and bio information, along with all your social media information. It then presents all this in a beautiful page which you can upload to your website for your “About” page. All your social media links are posted right there, and there is a live feed from Twitter or Facebook on your page. Visitors can click to connect with you instantaneously via your social media sites. Even better, when people visit your social page, they can see which friends of theirs are connected to you.

The Real Estate Referral Group on Facebook:

Broker Jonathan Rivera, also known as the Real-Tech Guy, created the Real Estate Referral Group for agents across the country to share referrals. The great thing is that it works. If you “Like” the page on Facebook, you can read all about it and post your information, so if a referral becomes available in your area, you can try to work it. It’s a great tool.

The MLS App for Facebook:

A savvy young designer named Jimmy Mackin has created an MLS app for Facebook that allows you to add an MLS search to your business Facebook page. How great is that?! Some MLSs are already using this app, but it is not available everywhere as of yet. Hopefully, soon your MLS will approve so that you can add this to your Facebook page. You need to let your MLS know that you are interested in having The MLS App technology available. I notified my MLS, and I can’t wait to get this tool on my business Facebook page.

Google Street View:

If you don’t already use this tool, you are missing out. Google Street View allows you to enter in an address, and then pan through street-level views of any neighborhood. If you have a listing, you can plug in the address and use the embed code to place a video of the street view for that address in your blogs, client emails, and online advertising. If you have out-of-town buyers, you can send them videos of the street in addition to email them the listing. Best of all, it’s free!


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