Choosing a Hotel Or Motel in Bethany- Missouri

We discuss here Choosing a Hotel Or Motel in Bethany- Missouri. As a traveler looking for accommodation that meets your budget needs, as well as any other needs you may have, you face a different accommodation environment from the previous years. In Bethany, and everywhere in Missouri, hotels or motels that everyone knows by name, such as Comfort Inn or Super 8, used to have a certain level of quality associated with their names, or in other words, I knew what to expect when I entered. In the last five years, there have been many changes in rural accommodation in the Midwest, most of which have served to define more clearly the type of hotel.

A problem facing today’s accommodation consumer is the inability to locate pet-friendly locations near their destination with reasonable room prices. Another problem is the consistency in medium hotels. Have you ever noticed that the Super 8 or Best Westerns in your hometown does not resemble anything in the city of a family member? This is because most medium-scale franchises these days are more concerned with expanding their brand than offering a consistent product for their customers. Due to these recent developments, we have been in charge of making in-depth reviews of low-cost, economic and economic rural hotels and motels. In this article we will look for hotels and motels in Bethany, Missouri.

When it comes to hotel and motel listings in Bethany, Missouri, you have three options: Budget-The Family Budget Inn, Economy- Super 8 and Midscale- Comfort Inn. So let’s take a look at each individual hotel and motel in Bethany, MO. Choosing a Hotel Or Motel in Bethany- Missouri

Economy Class: The Family Budget Inn Bethany, MO

Address: 4014 Miller Road, Bethany Missouri USA 64424
These days, you can rarely find a reception clerk in a motel who can clearly communicate what they have to offer and be courteous at the same time. This independent motel has a mix of Queen rooms, Queen double rooms and King rooms. All rooms have a hairdryer, refrigerator and microwave, a table and chairs.

The Family Budget Inn Motel has undergone some serious renovations and updates in recent years. Some notable additions according to the manager are a breakfast area that can accommodate 20 motel guests and flat-screen TVs for King rooms. This motel is located on the east side of Highway 35. And is surrounded by a McDonalds and several commercial buildings. All hotel / motel review sites grant this property at least four out of five stars. This will be the cheapest motel room you’ll find in Bethany, Missouri. If you feel comfortable trying new motels, it is worth a try. We recommend you book directly through their site for seasonal special offers and the best discount rates.

Economy: Super 8 Motel:

The Super 8 Bethany Inn is more or less the Super 8. Standard This motel has all the standard accommodations of the Super 8 products. This motel is located across the street from Wal-Mart and El Nopal Mexican Restaurant. Super 8 motel is pet friendly and has additional parking for large vehicles.

You can expect room rates at this hotel to be 20-25% higher than the Family Budget Inn, but again; If you or someone with you needs a name that you recognize to sleep better, this is an option. This motel gets 4 out of 5 stars on almost all travel review sites. Hotel reservation sites will only charge additional fees to reserve a room at this motel. The best way to get a good rate on your room is to call. So, This motel directly or book through the Super 8 website. Choosing a Hotel Or Motel in Bethany- Missouri


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