Booking Hotels Near Universities – Pros And Cons

We discuss Booking Hotels Near Universities – Pros And Cons. A degree from one of the prestigious universities in the United States can open hundreds of opportunities, so many students from different states and even other countries dream of enrolling in one of the Ivy League schools to get their specialty. That said, they often forget the costs involved in finding a school, such as transportation, food allowance and the most important of all: accommodation.

There are few places to stay near these universities, since most students live in dormitories and apartments within the school premises. Prospective students may find it expensive to make daily trips to see each university. For foreign students, finding accommodation can be a nuisance, especially if they do not master the English language and their classmates, who would generally be their parents, are not allowed in the dormitories. That does not mean that everything is doomed; One option that would benefit these students would be to register in a network of university hotels. The network compiles lists of hotels near a certain university so that one can book a hotel room before visiting. Booking Hotels Near Universities – Pros And Cons


The list of hotels that the network provides to future students or parents allows them to examine. The university more closely and, since time is not essential. They can even schedule appointments with the dean of the school to learn more about the policies of the school. This is essential especially for foreign students who would study at school.

Another benefit is that most hotels include a map of the university. As well as car rental, which will be an excellent source of convenience for students along with their parents. Staying in a hotel is also much safer since they have security patrolling the area. And for those who intereste in learning about the area in a relatively short period of time. The network also offers tours to help students get a better view of the school and its surroundings.


While staying in a hotel provides comfort to a potential student, a disadvantage would be the cost. A stay of 2 to 3 days in a hotel is not bad and will only affect your savings a little; However, a full week up to a month of hotel stay is certainly not a good idea, especially if one has a tight budget. Consider looking for an apartment, as it is much cheaper for a longer stay. However, for a short stay, hotel accommodation is ideal. Booking Hotels Near Universities – Pros And Cons


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