Book Hotels Directly To Save More Money

Discusses here Book Hotels Directly To Save More Money. The websites that compare the prices of several hotels seem to offer great deals. In truth, however, the only thing that these sites really save you am time. There is something to be said to make the process of finding the best price more convenient, but you can save much more if you take your time to make your own comparison and book directly with the accommodation you choose.

It is incredibly easy to log in to a site and quickly see how much different accommodations cost, and it is not a bad place to start looking for the best deal. However, after narrowing your search, you should call to book directly instead of visiting the website. There are a couple of reasons why this will often give you a lower price.

First, it is saving the hotel money. So is. When visiting them directly instead of a brokers’ website, they do not have to pay the site a commission for the sale. As a result, they may be willing to pass you some of those savings. It really is win-win.

Second, this allows you to negotiate the price. Even if you are satisfied with the online quote, it never hurts to ask for a better discount. However, all you have to do to avoid that is to ask. Book Hotels Directly To Save More Money

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Never stop to call only your first choice, no matter how good a deal you are given. Get your second and third option hotels by phone later and use your first quote to compete with each other.

Being flexible both where you stay and when you stay can also save you a lot. Choosing a location that is a bit further instead of the high altitude in the center of the city will certainly reduce your rate. Registering and leaving on less busy days will further reduce your costs. When you call, just ask what is the cheapest day to arrive or leave. You may discover that by extending or shortening your stay one day you can greatly change your rate per night.

 Save More Money

Take your flexibility to the next level by traveling out of season. My wife and I discovered an unforeseen benefit of a November anniversary when we were looking to celebrate in the Caribbean. By going before Thanksgiving we discovered that we could book fantastic resorts for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars less than we could just two weeks later in December. Book Hotels Directly To Save More Money

Another thing you can do is ask what services or amenities are included with your stay. Sometimes, paying a little more per night can actually be compensated with things like paid parking or a free airport shuttle.


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